Golden Hour Event Tickets

Golden Hour Event Tickets

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We are collaborating with B the Keeper and The Cake Guy to bring you Golden Hour, a ticketed event featuring B the Keeper's honey, handmade toffee from the Cake Guy, and some sweet honey-inspired nail art from our artists at Spruce! 

Tickets are timed to ensure social distancing - there are five slots per hour, so please make sure you select the right time for you! 

After you purchase your ticket, we will set up your appointment time within our regular booking system. This will send you an email to fill out a form reviewing our Covid-19 procedures, and it also asks about allergies so that we use the best products for your service. If you are purchasing multiple tickets, please let us know in the notes the names and emails of the people attending the event with you.

Please be aware that in order to maintain our safety standards for this event, masks will be required at all times. No eating or drinking permitted in the shop - please wait until after you leave to enjoy your treats! 



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