The ‘fun-size’ Spruce experience with two of our most talented, most sought-after nail artists. We offer an In-Home Spruce Mobile experience and a Large Event Spruce Mobile experience. Whether we’re setting up for an office-wide mani day or bringing our amazing nail art to the comfort of your own home- we’ve specially tailored some of our signature services to bring them right to your door!

1.) In-Home Services: Payment determined by services provided, plus set-up and travel fee. Deposit required. 

  • Mobile Mani -->   $50 / 30 minutes (with or without gel)
    [this waterless manicure includes trimming and shaping, cuticle care, and your choice of polish]
  • Mobile Pedi  -->  $40 / 30 minutes (with or without gel)
    [this waterless pedicure includes trimming and shaping, cuticle care with your choice of polish]
  • Nail Art:
    • Tier 1 -->   $10 / 10 minutes
      [minimal: simple dotting, minimal line work, stickers, foil, decals, etc.
    • Tier 2 -->  $20 / 20 minutes
      [detailed: negative space, detailed line work, abstract art, evil eye, marbling, florals, etc.]
    • Tier 3 -->  $30 / 30 minutes
      [intricate: detailed color blocking, scenic landscapes, plants, images, geometric designs, etc.] 
    • French Manicure -->  $12 / 10 minutes
  •  Gel removal  -->  $10 / 15 minutes 
    **please note: we are unable to remove/work on any acrylic based polishes- including SNS dipping powder

2.) Large Event Services: Hourly rate, deposit required.

  • Mini Mani  --> 30 minutes
    [this service includes file, shape, buff, polish of your choice, and Tier 1 nail art - client gifted file and buffer]


Anywhere within 30 minutes of our shop downtown in OTR at 1235 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH, 45202
** Sorry! we are not licensed to operate in Kentucky or Indiana at this time


Spruce Mobile is available for booking between 9a - 9p on Thursdays and Fridays.  Events can be booked for a maximum of 4 hours (not including set up and break down time).


Send us an email at mobile@sprucenailshop.com!  Let us know what date you are looking at, how many (and which) services you are looking to get done (for In-Home Events), how long you’d like us to be there (for Large Events), and where you’d like us to be.  We will return your email asap with the next steps!


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