Customized Press On Sets (Made to Order)
Customized Press On Sets (Made to Order)
Customized Press On Sets (Made to Order)
Customized Press On Sets (Made to Order)
Customized Press On Sets (Made to Order)

Customized Press On Sets (Made to Order)

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This is your chance to have a design made just for you. You can choose your tech, or we can match a nail artist to you! We'll connect you over email or Instagram to consult on your preferred design, colors, shape, and length. These sets include up to Tier 3 nail art. If your dream set goes beyond that, your tech will consult with you, and you may be charged an additional fee. 

We estimate a turnaround time within two weeks, from ordering to shipping or local pick-up! 

Each set comes with: 

  • Instruction Card and Sizing Guide
  • 22 painted Apres Nail Tips to help you find your perfect fit
  • Storage Box
  • 2 nail files
  • 2 buffers
  • 2 birch wood sticks
  • 2 alcohol pads
  • 3 sheets of adhesive nail stickers 

*HAND-PAINTED*  Our press ons are created by your favorite Spruce nail techs. We design and create each set individually, no mass production.

*NO GLUE*  We tried it, we thought about it, but ultimately we didn’t feel comfortable using nail glue. Instead, our press ons are given with several sets of adhesive stickies that hold the tip in place, which brings us to our next point...

*REUSABLE*  Because we are not using harsh glue that can destroy the nail tip during removal (and your nail beds), these are able to come off with a short soak in soap and warm water! You just wipe them off, put them back in the box, and get them out for their next occasion. No long term commitments, just fun! Ready for your first night out (in 9 months!)? Have a quick content shoot and need a mani quick? Just want to have some fun and rock some long nails for a night or two? We’ve got you covered!

*COMPENSATION* Since many of our clients have not been able to come in to see their techs since the pandemic, this is your way to support your nail techs and get a manicure from them, even from afar. 50% of each set sold goes directly to the tech who painted them! 

All sales final. No returns.



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