Choosing Your Nail Shape

Cue the Grease soundtrack. You better shape up!

The best shape for your nails mainly depends on the natural shape and length of your nails. Not sure what your type is? Let us give you a hand and point you in the right direction. 

There are many choices you can choose from, but here are the most common and a few of our favorites:


Round-shaped nails are great for anyone who has shorter nails with a wide nail bed. This will help elongate your fingers and give them a more slender appearance. 



Square-shaped nails are blunt and can be done at any length. This shape works best for long hands and long fingers to add width. 



If your fingers or nail beds are wide, almond-shaped nails will add length. The slim, pointed tip will add some flair while still keeping a more natural look. This shape does require longer nails to properly shape the nails.


Oval-shaped nails are perfect for the shorties. If you have a bit more length on your nails, the oval shape will help short hands or short fingers look slightly longer. This shape looks good on anyone.



It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a square with rounded edges. This is the most neutral shape as it can be used on any hand, any shape, any length. It follows the natural shape of your nail and gives it softer edges.


This shape is the drama. Stiletto-shaped nails require a good amount of length and have a sharp pointed tip. This is best for gel-x nails since the tip could easily chip.

If you still aren’t sure where you fall on the spectrum (all our hands are unique!), you can ask your nail tech at your next appointment which shape they think would be best!

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