Gel-X: A Safe Alternative For Long, Strong Nails

Our mission in offering good clean fun at Spruce means we are committed to finding the safest products and practices to use in our services. One of the most frequent questions we are asked is whether or not we offer acrylics, SNS or other dipping powders, and extensions. And we totally get the appeal - who doesn’t want long, unbreakable nails?

While we do offer Apres Gel-X Extensions, we do not provide acrylics, dipping powder, or any removal services for them. We have chosen to be a 5-Free salon, which means all of the products we use are free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, toluene, and DBP. These are known toxins that can cause cancer, hormonal imbalances, headaches, and allergic reactions - and they can be absorbed into your body through your nail and the skin surrounding it. Unfortunately these ingredients are in dipping powders, acrylic tips, and the polymers used to attach them. 

We do not offer removal services for acrylics or dipping powders because the dust caused from filing or drilling those materials can be breathed in by our staff and clients. We also do not drill on nails in our shop because drilling with such direct pressure can cause damage to nails and nail beds. That damage (usually visible as an indentation) can grow out, or it can create a permanent growth issue for the nail.

We understand that many clients want to have long, strong nails. We want to help clients reach their goals by offering services and products that help to make natural nails healthier. Gel-X offers extensions made out of the same ingredients in our gel polishes (which are 5-Free or more) and are removed using an extended soak-off process - no drills on the nail at all! So while your natural nails are covered by the extension, they are not damaged in the application or removal process. 

We believe that every client deserves a safe option for achieving the look and feel that they want for their nails. So while we aren’t providing acrylics or dipping powder, we hope that the Gel-X extensions from Apres help to fill that request! 

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