Make Your Gel Mani Last Longer


Our best tips for making your gel manis last longer so you have more time to enjoy them:


1. Use cuticle oil religiously. 

We cannot stress this enough! Cuticle oil keeps your nails healthy and hydrated. It protects your nails and helps protect your polish. It also promotes nail growth!

2. Stay moisturized.

Using lotion or hand cream is a great way to keep your hands from drying out. This is especially important during cold seasons when we’re washing our hands and using hand sanitizer frequently throughout our day. Moisturizing with a cream along with cuticle oil will help prevent hangnails, cracking, and tearing.

3. Resist the itch to pick.

We know how tempting it is when your gel is finally lifting to just pick the whole thing off. If you want your gel to last longer, don’t pick at your nails. Removing gel this way also damages your nails and causes them to thin.

4. Slip on some gloves.

If you’re using chemicals or hot water, protect your gorgeous nails with a pair of gloves. Chemicals can break down the gel and hot water can cause lifting. 

5. Avoid using your nails as tools.

It may take some getting used to, but try to avoid doing certain things that may scratch or chip your gel. This may mean being extra careful when opening things and other activities.

6. Ask your tech about builder or strengthening gel.

If your nails are already damaged or weak, gel may not hold as well. Applying a builder or strengthening gel to your nail will help it to become stronger and healthier, which will allow the gel to hold better. You can check out The Repair Mani if you think your nails need some extra TLC. Otherwise, builder base is an add on to any service!

7. Take advantage of our 7 day fix policy. 

If your gel mani chips within 7 days of your original appointment, call us and we’ll schedule a free fix for you.

We hope these help you enjoy your mani as long as possible! 

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