Our Mission Statement: FUN

Our mission at Spruce is to provide GOOD. CLEAN. FUN. for our clients and staff. This post is part three of a series on our mission.

FUN is something we look forward to at the shop every day - and you’re a big part of it! 


A R T : It’s the tiny things. 

We know there’s a lot of heaviness going on in the world right now. We also know that we have a chance to spruce up our clients in a way that gives them something small to smile about whenever they look at their hands -- and with all the extra hand washing we’ve been doing lately, that’s a lot! 

We love getting to create art on tiny canvases, and while we always have inspo in our back pockets, we get a kick out of seeing the ideas you have when you walk into the shop. Whether it’s creating florals to match a dress, or doing tiny Disney villain portraits, or putting masks on smiley faces -- our clients give us a chance to have some fun with our nail art brushes, and we hope you have fun showing off your nail art for the next few weeks! 


C O L L A B S : It’s the partnerships. 

While we can’t have our usual semi-annual markets during Covid, we are still finding ways to partner with other small businesses in the neighborhood! We loved teaming up with Wolfpack, High Five, and The Native One for Mother’s Day boxes, and we offer Flora Lee Naturals on our shelves and as a special gua sha kit online. 

We are so excited for the days when we can pop up at Idle Wild or Continuum again. We are pumped to host our next market in the shop and share our favorite local vendors with you. We have so much fun dreaming up ideas with our fellow creators about ways to offer special experiences for our clients. And we have even more fun seeing pics and hearing stories of how you enjoy them! 


C O M M U N I T Y : It’s you. 

The most fun part of our day is always hearing about what you’ve been up to lately. We have been open for nearly five years, and in that time we have had the chance to celebrate your engagements, your promotions, your growing families, your new homes, and even just your typical Tuesday. It means so much that you choose to come to us to help you get ready for a big day, or get through a tough one. 

You’ve helped us prepare for our big days too - our first market, our first mobile events, our first day at our new location, and our first day opening back up with sneeze guards after lock down. We love seeing your masks (so fashionable!), and how you’re making the most of this weird new normal. You’re keeping it fun for us, too!

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