Our Mission Statement: GOOD.

Our mission at Spruce is provide GOOD. CLEAN. FUN. for our clients and staff.

Let's explore what we mean by that! 

GOOD means many things here at Spruce. First and foremost-- we want to be good at what we do. We also want to provide good products, and work with good partners. What exactly does that look like for us? 


Good At What We Do: Intense Training for Apprentices

When a licensed nail artist or esthetician is hired at Spruce, they undergo a training period called an apprenticeship. This means that they do a few days of shadowing and training with our veteran staff to learn the flow of the shop and the Spruce method of providing services. After the training period, they do their first service on a manager and learn from feedback, and then we open their books to clients for appointments at a discount, so that they can work on timing. We ask the clients to fill out an evaluation form, and this valuable feedback helps us direct our coaching and practice time to ensure that our techs are meeting our high standards. 


Good At What We Do: Incentivized Professional Development

All licensed technicians and estheticians have to participate in continuing education in order to maintain and renew licensure in Ohio. At Spruce, we further incentivize development, especially with nail art. Techs must pass training courses with our nail art manager in order to advance in our program and have nail art added to their books. You can trust that our techs are staying up-to-date on the latest nail art techniques, shaping methods, and information about recognizing and preventing nail and skin health issues.


Good Products: High Quality, Low Risk 

We only use products that we love, and products that we have researched thoroughly. We’ve chosen our nail polishes because they meet our standards for “clean” and also because we genuinely love the pigment and staying power. 

We know that where our products come from matters, as does the testing method. All of our products are cruelty-free, which means they are not tested on animals. We partner with other small, female-founded businesses to fill our retail shelf with nail and skin products we believe in. 


Good Attitude: 

All are welcome at Spruce. We have a diverse clientele, and we love the community we’ve built with our regulars and as well as the opportunity to meet new clients, including the ones who make Spruce a stop in their travel plans. We’re honored that you’ve chosen us to be a part of your self-care and preparation for special celebrations!

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