meet the team

Molly, Owner and Nail Tech. 
Molly Nagle founded Spruce Nail Shop in 2015. Molly comes from an art background, and has been the resident nail tech for her friends and family since childhood.  After college, Molly went on to be an art teacher with Chicago Public Schools and Cincinnati Public Schools. She loved teaching, but after five years she was ready for a change. Molly had always been creating side businesses, and she knew when moving back to Cincinnati that she wanted to create her own.  She wanted to bring a nail shop to Cincinnati that felt more like an art studio where artists create works of art on tiny canvases.  Spruce was founded on GOOD. CLEAN. FUN. -- where we put the health and safety of our staff and clients first, while also creating a warm, welcoming, and creative environment.  You can usually find Molly at Spruce painting, whether it’s nails or our walls (come check out our new murals!).  Molly and her husband Jason recently welcomed a baby boy, AJ, the newest member of the Spruce Fam!
Instagram: @tiny__canvas


Andrea, Director of On-Boarding and Abstract Artist.
Andrea keeps all our techs at the Spruce standard by meeting with them individually (remotely or on her visits home) and helps them grow their skills. She is known for her marbling magic-- if you want a swirled mix of colors or a geometric design on your nails, she is the go-to for all things abstract. Whether she's educating clients and staff on nail and skin health, celebrating life's moments with guests, or just grinning at you when you walk in the door, Andrea will always make you feel better and your day feel brighter. 
Instagram: @andrea_nailedit


Mollie K, Nail Technician. 
Mollie K excels at painting objects on nails, especially fruit, flowers, or tiny animals. She leads our nail art classes to our techs, helping them to develop their craft and fulfill the dreams of our clients. Mollie K loves cats, candy, and karaoke. If Mollie wasn't at Spruce, she'd be on Broadway. When clients have a movie or TV show recommendation, she wants to hear about it!
Instagram: @mollieknails

Shannon, Color Specialist, Shift Lead, and Nail Technician. 
Looking for a good color palette? Shannon is great at picking out an ombre arrangement or matching polishes to your favorite painting. Outside of Spruce, Shannon manages an Etsy shop for her crocheted creations and spends loads of time with her two rescue pups. 
Instagram: @shanran07

Heleena, Nail Technician and Personal Positivity Coach. 
Heleena is the ultimate fangirl. She loves sharing her passions with everyone, and she's excited about Cincinnati, healthcare, equality, manicures, and helping people feel their best! She wants to know what gets you pumped up too. Every time she steps into Spruce, Heleena feels invigorated, empowered, and happy, and it's her goal to help you feel the same whenever you're getting a service with her.
Instagram: @hlovescincy

Hannah, Service Floor Manager, Nail Technician, And Pop Culture Trivia Enthusiast. 
People say to put your best foot forward. But Hannah always wants people to put their best nails forward! Hannah wants her clients to leave Spruce with a smile as genuine as the one that never leaves her face. She serves her clients with a meticulousness that is stylish, creative, and fun-- think twisted French manicures or funky geometric designs! Hannah's also our pop culture connoisseur, so if you want to know what's going on in the celebrity dating world or what's new and good on Netflix, she will keep you in the know.
Instagram: @getpolishedcincy

Lauren, Shift Lead, Esthetics Educator and Nail Technician. 
It's Lauren's mission to utilize her decade of experience in skincare to help clients achieve results with their skin by helping them establish a skincare routine with great practices and products. Lauren knows how important releasing tension during a service can be, so the massage for a facial, manicure, or pedicure is something she focuses on. She loves connecting with clients-- she will talk with anybody about anything! 
Instagram: @laurenpaintscincy

Salena: Nail Technician and Shift Lead
Salena is an artist with a big heart. She loves doing abstract designs, but her florals make your nails a portable bouquet. She can work on a larger canvas, too - make sure you check out her botanical murals in our treatment rooms! Salena loves getting clients ready for a big day (she’s a pro at keeping a straight face during pre-surprise-engagement-manis), but she never forgets that the every day is just as good a reason to get spruced up. Her soothing touch and maternal attitude make her a mama figure to anyone. 
Instagram: @139.made

Mika: Esthetician
Mika is an esthetician who wants to help you glow! "Healthy skin is happy skin" is her mantra, and she can handle all your waxing needs. She is a Cincinnati native full of great recommendations and can usually be found in the corner of a coffee shop or walking her sweet dog Taiyo. Mika is passionate about equality, naps, and Schitt's Creek. Be on the lookout for her sneaky one-liners! 

Instagram: @skinbymika_

Kristina: Nail Technician and Esthetician 
Kristina has an eye for detail, so if you're a perfectionist - you've met your match! She will take the time to make sure your shape and cuticles are exactly how you want them. Kristina's known among the staff for her massage game - if it's time to brush up on our massage skills, she's first picked for a practice partner. Her love of eighties music and vegan food keep her fueled through the day. 
Instagram: @k_rusch


Lexi: Nail Technician and Gel-X Educator
Lexi is a proud West-sider with a cosmetology license. As a small business owner, toddler mama, and nail tech, she's a busy lady! Lexi has a boisterous personality, and her Harry Styles fandom is legendary (check out her tattoos!). 
Instagram: @lexi_pennetti


Alix: Nail Technician
Alix is a licensed cosmetologist who first started at Spruce behind the front desk! She joined our nail tech team and has been loving choosing color palettes for clients, or finding that perfect goes-with-anything pedi color. She recently adopted a rescue dog - as in, she actually rescued him - and loves to hear about your pet adventures, too! 
Instagram: @alixannanails


Danielle: Nail Technician, Specialized Care Provider, and Shift Lead

Danielle moved to Cincinnati from California, and is so excited to be part of this new community. She previously worked in an assisted care facility, offering older clients safe manicures and pedicures to keep them feeling young and fresh. She’s a total bookworm, so she’s down for swapping synopses of your latest reads, but she also wants to hear about your favorite places to eat around town! 
Instagram: @daniellespage

Venicia: Coordinator

Venicia’s sweetness is enough to melt anyone - and you should hear her sing. When this blue-haired babe isn’t behind the desk at Spruce, she’s writing and performing her own music, or making clothes from thrifted fabric and bedsheets.  

Ashley: Coordinator
Ashley has years of experience in the beverage and hospitality industries, making her one of our friendliest faces in the shop! Ashley loves city life and skincare - she's tried most of our skincare products, and loves sharing her experience with them! When she's not working, she's probably at the gym or hiking with her husband. 

Gloria: Communications Manager
Always the people person, you’ll find Gloria working the front desk or taking your calls. 


Mandy, General Manager. 

Most of Mandy's work is behind the scenes. She's the shop's librarian and personal assistant. If you bring a book to read during your service, she's probably going to ask you about it. 



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