We Are Moving

That’s right y’all — but don’t worry, it’s only a few blocks!  
After 4 years we have outgrown our current space, and we are ready to expand.  When we first opened our doors in 2015 with 5 employees, we thought how crazy it would be if there were ever 10 of us.  Now, moving into 2020 we have almost 25 employees, and our team is ready to grow even more!  This new space is our opportunity to create room for not only nail services, but for our growing skincare department as well.  We can NOT wait for you guys to see our new flagship space!  We will be adding more pedicure stations, more manicure stations, doubling our retail space, and adding larger treatment rooms!  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and check our website for all updates on our move, as well as answers to all of your questions.  The move won’t be happening until after the holidays, so you can expect for our hours to be the same, along with your scheduled appointments. We are so thankful for our time on Vine Street, and the support we have received from the community, and we can’t wait to meet all of our new neighbors in Findlay Market.  
Here we go!



1818 Race Street, Findlay Market.  Only 5 blocks north of our current location!
There's so much around this new space - the market itself is right across the street, and we will have great neighbors in other small, local businesses that we love, like Pho Lang Thang, Goose and Elder, Madison's, Blue Oven Bakery, The Rhined, Tablespoon, and more!  
The street car will be just steps away from our door, and there's multiple surface lots within two blocks! 

To put it simply - we’ve outgrown our space.  We have been so lucky these past 4 years to have grown our clientele, our staff, and our services, and we are in need of some more room.  We will be moving from a 1300 sq ft space to almost 2400 sq ft! This means more rooms for clients and our growing staff.

We love being able to offer retail that we love, and the new space means we will have more room to share with you our favorite non-toxic products. We'll be able to explore adding more services, learn new techniques, and host bigger, better parties and markets. 

We know a lot of people are wondering why we aren't just opening a second location. We want to set our team up for success and create a large flagship storefront for Spruce to operate out of first.  When we originally opened, we did not plan on having additional departments other than nails, and now that we have offer skin and nails, we want to create the right space for our entire team to thrive.  We are taking everything we have learned in the last 4 years and putting all of that knowledge into creating the perfect Spruce 2.0


We will be operating as normal through January. We plan to close for a few days the third week of February with a tentative re-opening date at Race Street set for February 20th. We will be keeping all of our clients up to date weekly on progress -- so be sure to follow along with our build out on Instagram




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